The Department of Mechanical Engineering started in September 2005 (2005/2006 Academic Session). The Department offers the Bachelor’s (Honours) Degree (B.Eng) in Mechanical Engineering. The duration of the Degree Programme is five (5) years of ten (10) semesters. However, based on the need to enlarge the scope of the Department in order to meet the demand for technological development and promote industrialization in the country, the Department of Mechanical Engineering is proposing to increase the number of Programmes to four (4). These are (B.Eng) in Mechanical Engineering, (B.Eng) Materials  & Metallurgical Engineering, (B.Eng) in Industrial and Production Engineering and (B.Eng) in Mechatronics Engineering. All the students in the Programmes will be required to take the same courses at the 100 and 200 Levels. The alignment with the individual programmes will begin at the 300 Level and continue up to the 500 Level.