Programme Education Objectives

The Mechanical Engineering Department has established the following objectives of the undergraduate program in support of our mission and that of the University. Graduates are expected to be able to attain these objectives within 5 years following graduation:


PEO1: Develop knowledge, skills (including transferable skills, such as leadership, motivation, time management, prioritization, delegation, listening, communication, analytics) and understanding, as well as awareness and “know how”, in the fields of engineering and its related disciplines so that as graduates they will be equipped to enter into self-employment and employment as professional engineers progressing on to Registered Engineer or equivalent status) or a wide range of other professional careers.


PEO2: Prepare them to engage in life-long and critical enquiry with skills in research and knowledge acquisition and an appreciation of the value of education to the wider community.


PEO3: Provide them with internationally recognized qualifications which meet and exceed the requirements of the COREN Outcome-Based Education Benchmark for Engineering Programmes in Nigeria and international Benchmark Statements for Engineering for ABET, Engineering Council, UK, etc.


PEO4: Provide the engineering industry and profession, in Nigeria and elsewhere, with ready employable and enterprising graduates prepared for the assumption of technical, managerial and financial responsibilities.

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